Monday, 25 June 2007

Be Nice to the Customer...

I always feel slightly guilty when I buy something under $10 and only have a $50 note to pay for it. I remember when I worked at a servo that finding large amounts of change was a touch annoying, and if too many people did it then you were left with a badly stocked change drawer.

So whenever I’m in that situation now I usually apologise to the attendant saying it’s all that I have. At least then I usually get a bit of a smile and a sense of understanding from the person behind the counter.

As usually we went to Hungry Jacks after church last night – and not feeling like anything to eat I decided to get a sundae… $1.95 – and I only had a $50 note. So I apologised to the store manager who was serving me, he half grunted then made some smart remark about if I was gonna give him a big note then all he could give me was bad change – and he proceeded to give me four $10 notes and eight $1 coins to cover the change.

I can understand that at 8:30 on a Sunday night he may have to dish out some small notes and coins for change, but if I was polite enough to apologise for using a large note, maybe he could have been polite enough to apologise for having to give out all the small notes and coins for change.

He came off quite rude: I’ve been noticing as ‘managers’ seem to get younger, or maybe just as I’m getting older, levels of service from all staff at certain establishments is getting worse and worse.

Anyone else seen stuff like this?

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