Tuesday, 26 June 2007

What it means to us....

I'm sitting here, listening to the rain hit our tin roof... I went to bed last night listening to the rain, and woke to that sweet sweet sound this morning.

I got to work late, and had to park in the spots the furthest from the building, but I enjoyed walking in the rain to and from my car.

Constant rain isn't something we've seen much of here in Queensland. I wonder how many people in England run outside and praise God as soon as it starts to rain??? I think they'd be more inclined to be praising God on sunny days. Where I was living in Africa we expected the rain at a certain time of the year, so knowing it wouldn't rain during winter was ok.

Here in Qld each time it rains like it has these past days it really feels like God has reached out and physically touched the earth. Maybe it's because He's giving us something we need so desperately, or maybe because we spend so much time asking God for rain. All I know that when I see rain, or hear it on the roof I feel like I'm just sitting watching God answer prayer.

I just keep praying I get to see more of it.

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