Friday, 15 June 2007

Go Whitehill Go!

I spent last weekend out in Gatton at the 2007 Qld State Youth Games. As always Whitehill was the ‘loudest’ team – these year aided by an amazing little air horn invention which I totally loved!

It was a great weekend of sport, with Whitehill doing very very well. I think we won the Touch Football, Soccer, Volleyball and Female individual and team fun run. Having the largest team there helped, allowing us to put in 3 teams to most competitions.

All this added up to Whitehill finally knocking Springwood Church of Christ off the SYG Champion podium.

I played Basketball, Ultimate Frisbee, Netball and Volleyball – and not one of my teams won a final which was slightly disappointing. However playing the volleyball final against the other Whitehill team was a bit of fun, just a shame we couldn’t beat them.

This year I really enjoyed interacting with some of the other churches a little more. We had a great time playing basketball against a very young Vicky Point team, such a young bunch of dudes, but they gave it such a huge effort. Also just chatting with people from Springwood, Oasis, Redcliffe and Hills was a nice change from spending most of the time within your own church campsite.

The Hills guys ran the music on Sunday night, wasn’t what usually excites me but I think the majority enjoyed it.

Tim Mander was the speaker. He was great – telling some stories from his old Rugby League Refereeing days and then giving a simple Gospel love message with no emotional hype or undue pressure. He didn’t make an altar call, but invited anyone who wanted to come and get a Bible off him at the end of the service, he had a stack of Mark’s Gospels there to give out (I think it was a Rugby League edition or something).

Most of my photos have a very Whitehill flavour of course, but there are a few general ones so if you went, or you want to see how awesome it was check out my flickr account.

So Whitehill are the SYG07 Champs, great to be apart of, but looking forward to a good competition in 2008.

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