Thursday, 7 June 2007

Introducing...... DEANO!

Well I've had a whole heap of new people checking out this blog. I've also got a new haircut (well if you can call shaving your head a haircut??) so I thought I'd revamp my 'about me' bit a little.

So if you're new (or if you're not) have a look to your right on the sidebar and read about me, and why I blog.

After writing that new blurb I also decided to change the Title of my blog. So welcome to 'My Jarrol Spot' and thanks to all those who have been reading "My Little Spot in the World"

Update your blogrolls with the new title if you can, just to save confusion.



Elspeth said...

G'day, mate. Nice haircut! I'm sure you feel free with it. I'm visiting you from the "That's My Answer" site. They asked us to visit the person who had commented above us (for one of today's questions) - but since I was the first to answer, I visited you (your name was at the top of the "Recent Commnets" list). Take care. Elspeth

Kwizgiver said...

Bald is beautiful! :-D Thanks for visiting my blog, from TMA's site.

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