Friday, 15 September 2006

Going Home

Well today Jono is walking out of the hospital for the last time (emphasis on the word walking). In what only can be describes as a miracle from God, Jono is heading home to his parent's place in Gympie and leaving his time in hospital behind him.

It's been such a quick and painless recovery, and going to visit Jono every week has really allowed me to see the progress of his healing and just the amazing blessings God has given him.

I visited him last night, as he was getting ready to go home, and I was able to catch a couple of photos to stick up here for those who haven't seen Jono in a while. Also note he's wearing the Craig Lowndes Triple 8 Racing shirt Dad and I got him at the Qld 400 V8 Supercar round just after Jono's accident.

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