Tuesday, 12 September 2006

New Toys & Settling into new Job

Check out this little beauty! I've been a Network Administrator for just over 3 weeks now. And this is the first new toy I've been involved in purchasing.

It's a 17" LCD monitor with keyboard and touchpad attachment, it connects to a 32 Port KVM (Keyboard, Video, Mouse) switch box. It allows you to use this one screen, keyboard and mouse (touchpad) to control 32 different computers or servers.

We spent about an hour installing and setting up the unit today, and plan to start playing with it tomorrow.

Apart from this, I've mainly been doing reporting and licensing checks, not the most exciting work, and it's taking me a while to feel comfortable in a new role. Going from somewhere where I knew it all, and was considered the expert, into this new place where I know basically nothing, it's certainly been a challenge.

Today though I headed out with a couple of the Network Support guys and went to the QUT Co-Op Education Recruitment Day. I started at RACQ as a Co-Op recruit (12 month contract as industrial training counting towards uni marks), and we hire at least 2 recruites a year. So I enjoyed selling the RACQ to a heap of uni students, making sure they know RACQ is a great opportunity for them to get some good, broad industrial training.

Oh and they put on a pretty nice lunch as well...

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