Saturday, 9 September 2006

A Note from Sports Chaplaincy Australia

My father and I work with Sports Chaplaincy Australia (SCA) as Motorsport Chaplains. As I'm sure all of you are aware, Australia's most iconic motorsports personality, Peter Brock, was killed in an accident during the Targa W.A yesterday.

I received this email from Cameron Butler, National Director of SCA this morning.


Your Prayer & Support
Can I please invite you to remember our many Motor Sports Chaplains who are currently serving across Australia at racetracks and events in the face of yesterday’s news. I have been informed that many of our Chaplains have been asked to help today to provide care, debriefing and comfort to the extended Motor Sports family.

Together with the Brock family, the Motor Sports Community, a close-knit group, is grieving deeply.

Can I please ask you to pray for:

  • The Brock family
  • Kim Van Keule who was the Chaplain present at the Targa WA race. He has been ministering to the family and many race officials involved.
  • Terry Dorrington who is assisting with the Co-Driver and officials
  • Garry Coleman and his team as they provide debriefing and God’s love
  • Mark Bateman and others who are in contact with the Brock family and friends in Melbourne
  • Race officials, CAMS officials and others involved in Motor Sports
  • God’s mercy and comfort for the entire motor sports family
  • Healing and transformation in peoples lives over the coming days and months

You can stay updated at

Thank you dearly for your support, encouragement and commitment to our ministry at SCA.

Yours in Christ, our strength,


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So I don't think these prayers are just for SCA chaplains, and as a Motorsports chaplain I invite you to join in this prayer letter, and hold these people up during this hard time for the sport, and especially the familes involved

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