Wednesday, 6 September 2006

Zimbabwe Mission

A friend of mine, Ben Zambra, is joining 7 other people from Whitehill today and heading to Zimbabwe for 3 weeks to do missions work. Right at this moment Ben and the others would be sitting on a Boeing 747 probably somewhere down near Antartica as they make their way to South Africa before heading on a smaller plan to Zimbabwe. (Sidenote- why over Antartica? Well cause the winds provide a better flight path when flying west, better to go far south first - end sidenote). It's actually the same flight I took on my way to The Gambia.

Pray for the team as they minister to AIDs orphans, famine effected villages and some of the poorest people in the world. I'm sure it will be emotionally draining on the whole team, witnessing such poverty and the corruption of the government is a heart breaking experience.

Pray also for the people of Zimbabwe, that God can provide their needs, and work within them.

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