Sunday, 29 April 2007

Adios Audio A

This weekend also marked the end of an era. Audio Adrenaline who have been around for as long as I can remember played their last concert!

Audio A were like the younger, cooler, sillier DC Talk - and they are part of what's made the Christian music industry what it is today.

I've had the privilege of seeing AA live twice, at two different Sonfest festivals. The second time they were the only band that could draw me back into the crazy moshpit! (But hey I'm getting old).

Actually talking about age - we had a Adios AA party on Saturday night, and I showed my age by claiming "Bloom" as my favorite AA album, when most of the other people at the party were too young to remember that one!

In that vibe though, here's the song that made them a hit - off the Bloom record I might add!!! Big House

Will miss ya guys, loved it all!!! Even The Hairbrush Song!

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