Tuesday, 3 April 2007

Month in Review - March


Wow, looking back over my March blog posts, it's hard to believe I've packed so much into 31 days!

The one thing you've all been waiting to hear is the results of the RACQ Coffee naming Competition. Well after submitting some RACQ themed names I was cut down by the winning name of 'Fusion' - pretty lame if you ask me... maybe I'm just bitter I still have to pay for my lunches :-P

Dad and I had our first race meet of the year, and unfortunatly our first fatal accident. We are still working through follow up and counselling, so your prayers for the Willowbank team are still appreciated.

The sporting year kicked off with the V8 Series starting and AFL as well. The first 2 rounds of the V8s have gone to Holden, so not much to talk about there :-P - but I have been really impressed by the Dick Johnson racing team, their speed this year is a vast improvement - good to see my favourite team getting better! Same goes for the AFL with the Bombers notching their first win (though that was April 1st).

Camps have been a bit of a theme as well - and with Easter this weekend I'm off again to Tamborine Mt - can't wait. I think that's all prompted some really thinking on my faith, and just who and what we are when we're part of the body of Christ. I've learnt a fair bit - hopefully I've been able to share it in a way that you have too.

Again if you missed any, they're all right here - http://jarrolspot.blogspot.com/2007_03_01_archive.html

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