Monday, 30 April 2007

Month in Review - April

April brought many highs and lows – most of those on the AFL field. The Bombers have had some great games, great success, but also had some really poor performances (The ANZAC Day Collingwood game was terrible, great fire at the start but come the second quarter they just decided they didn’t want to play football anymore).

ANZAC Day is always special to me. I grew up with a Dad working in the RAAF, so ANZAC Day always included watching him march or going to a dawn service. After the East Timor crisis I learnt first hand what it was like to have a father called away to active duty. Even though he never left Australia, he was called away from home urgently and was away for over a month.

The ANZACs are the true Aussie heroes in my books. What they did for us defies belief, and they truly deserve our respect and a whole day set aside to remember them.

Easter is always a special time as well. Tamborine Convention this year was brilliant. Definitely the best camp I’ve been on all year. I’m still getting stuff out of what was spoken on, and finding new applications for it in my life.

Blog wise I’ve been slightly sport orientated with AFL and Motorsport taking up a fair bit of time. Also I found some great short videos from when I was in The Gambia – if you haven’t seen those check them out!

We also said farewell to Audio Adrenaline – sad times – and remember some of the great music they’ve brought to the Christian music scene!

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