Monday, 2 April 2007

Good camp - and some blood.

I was waiting to get my photos off the camera before I mention the City North Baptist Young Adults Discipleship Camp.

That was last weekend, and I had a great time. However in true Deano style, I managed to have a pretty spectacular spill.

We were kicking a footy on the field, and the ball was heading towards the edge into the bush – I managed to chase it down and stop it just before it started down the slope… however I didn’t stop.

It was pretty steep, and there were rocks half sticking out of the ground. With my bad ankle all I could think of was avoiding those rocks. Suddenly the bush was all around me and I felt a vine grab at my ankle, acting like a trip wire, and I face planted…

… right into a heap of Lantana vines!!!!

My momentum carried me into the middle of the vines and I just couldn’t get up, everywhere I put my hands thorns dug in, and I couldn’t push myself up. In the end I half rolled, half crawled out of the vines and made my way back up the hill. It was only when I got to the top I realised I’d cut up my legs pretty bad.

I had 4 more grazes like that over both my legs. But worse was my hand, I’d put it out to stop my fall, and cut it up a bit. All my joints were cut, and it swelled up a bit, it hurt but it all got better pretty quick.

So all last week I was in pain cause my skin was stretching over the grazes or my pants were catching on it… this week I’m just itchy as they dry out and start to heal.

Apart from that it was an awesome camp (though the ‘accident’ allowed me to meet everyone… if you don’t know many people on a camp, walking out of the bush bleeding is a quick way to have everyone know you :-P). Ivan Bowden spoke on The Holy Spirit, and I enjoyed most of what he had to say. Sometimes I wondered how solid his arguments were, but that’s just prompting me to do some further study – which isn’t a bad thing I guess.

We also did a photo scavenger hunt thing, and I’ll throw a few photos just cause they’re funny.

The camp was at Luther Heights in Coolum Beach - beautiful spot. Here's the view I woke to each morning.

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