Sunday, 29 April 2007

Time Off

ANZAC day on Wednesday gave a great opportuinty to take 2 days off and end up with a 5 day weekend. I'd sort of planned to sit down and write down some of the thoughts that have been swimming around in my head, but instead I just chilled out and had a real 'break'.

It was great, I watched a couple of DVDs, caught up with some friends and even went for a bit of a Hot Rod run, something I haven't done in a very long time.

Saturday was the National Tin Top Titles out at Willowbank, and this weekend was also Whitehill's family camp - which Dad went to leaving me as the sole chaplain at the drags. It went really well, not having Dad there gave me a chance to build my own relationships with the guys at the track, and we had a good day.

Maybe I'll write some of that other stuff up soon... but it's funny, when you think about a whole heap of stuff to write, sometimes it just doesn't fit the mood you're in when you come to blog.

Right now I just feel like updating you all - but I heard an amazing speaker - Dr Sookhdeo - at City North Baptist last Sunday and I want to tell you a bit about that. I bought two of his books as well so I might leave it until I've finished to delve into what he's on about.

Anyway catching up with people is great, so let me know what you've been doing - and on that note I read today a mate of mine in WA. Craig, has been pretty ill. So please just pray God with continue to hold his hand as he recovers.


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