Monday, 25 February 2013

10 Sinful Responses to Sin

From Mark Driscoll
Sinful responses to sin are so numerous that an exhaustible list is impossible. Nonetheless, an examination of ten particular sinful responses to sin can be helpful in aiding us to not respond sinfully but repentantly. These kinds of insights are practically helpful because sinners are often also sinful in how they speak about their sin and respond to their sin, and if we love them we need to be aware of their tactics.  Furthermore, we also need to continually examine our own responses to sin in an effort to uncover our sin.
Driscoll goes on to explain his ten particular sinful responses... I will paraphrase them as points.  If you feel you want a greater understanding then make sure you grab his book Doctrine.

  1. There is a propensity to minimise sin
  2. The is the delusional belief that my sin is different from anyone else's because I have good reasons that legitimise my sin
  3. There is the common error of rationalising sin as acceptable because of extenuating circumstances
  4. There is blame shifting, where someone is blamed for the sin of another
  5. There is diversion, where we try and avoid our sin by, for example, saying we were just joking or someone misunderstood us.
  6. There is partial confession, where we tell only a part of our sin.
  7. There is what Paul calls "worldly grief," where we merely regret the consequences of our sin.
  8. There is victimisation, where I appear helplessly pitiful and unable to have done otherwise by naming someone else as responsible for my sin.
  9. There is mere confession, where I name the sin but do not repent of it and put it to death by God's grace.
  10. There is a growing tendency to speak of sin in secular counselling circles as more of a disease than an evil offense.
I was intrigued by the notion that sin can cause us to sin more. I can see how that works with addiction, but our own response to sin can actually cause us to sin more.  Only truly repenting and standing on the grace given by Jesus is the proper way to handle sin.  Once again it's all about depending solely on Jesus, not on our own work, thoughts, or responses.

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