Sunday, 24 February 2013

Wanting what is best for our teens.

As a youth pastor I am getting use to dealing with difficult kids and teenagers. I understand it comes with the job, and in most cases can see the worth in the constant battle to reach teens. However something that really bugs me is having to deal with difficult parents. Especially parents who are part of the church.

Parents should be aware of and care for their kids needs. Christian parents should be striving to help their kids meet their spiritual needs. But I am finding that some parents can be very selfish, and they make it very hard for me to minister to their kids. My heart aches because I see the hurt that impacts their kids. I meet up with or talk on the phone with these kids right after something has happened and it is very raw emotion which surfaces when they have been let down by a parent.

It makes me angry, and I think that is because I am so helpless to help resolve the situation... who am I as an outsider to come and try and sort out family dynamics?

Sometimes it is just education that's needed, it might be cultural or generational issues causing the problem... but I still struggle to communicate to a difficult parent how what they are doing is hurting their child.

I know most of the parents who follow this blog are ones that do care for their kids in a way that strives to develope their faith, but maybe in reading this you can be aware that not all kids are as lucky as yours. And it might be the case that education on striving to build the faith of teens would be better received from a fellow parent than the youth pastor.

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