Tuesday, 26 February 2013

Don't miss the moment

I was watching Sunrise this morning and they had that public concert with Ed Sheeran happening.  I must admit I'd never heard of the bloke before today (I probably should have considering my job is working with teenagers), and I have to admit I enjoyed his music.  At least he played his own guitar and seems a proper muso.

However... the thing that grabbed my attention the most was the swirling crowd of teenager pressed into the tight area waiting for guy to start playing.  They were jumping around, screaming (crying in some cases :-s) and just a movement of anticipation and excitement.

But when Ed started playing they all stopped moving... they all pulled out their iPhones and stood completely still trying to capture a video of the performance as best they could.  The panning shot coming over the back of the crowd looked kind of ridiculous as a thousand teenagers stood with both arms in the air grasping their phone and watching the screen to make sure they were capturing it ok.

Now I admit with things like Facebook and Instagram I like to grab a snapshot of something I am doing to post it up and remember it, or share it with friends, but I have become aware not to let that cause me to experience what's happening right in front of me.  The live experience is the best experience... not the video reviewing on a tiny screen hours later.

Plus the fact that the live experience was lessened because the vibe of a live performance died when everyone stopped to stand still and video.  Sometimes the best part of a music concert experience is the energy and interaction of the crowd.  Even if there was some there this morning, most missed it because they were watching their phone not the stage.

Sometimes it's best to put the phone, camera, iPad or whatever away - just envelope yourself in the experience, and use your involvement to create a meaningful memory.  I was reminded this morning of some of my favourite experiences - and to be honest even with the recent ones they were experiences where I either specifically decided to live the experience, or I had been so swept up in it that I forgot completely to even try pulling my phone out.

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