Friday, 22 February 2013

Remember the mission

Sometimes in the business of being a pastor it is easy to forget the mission we are called to.  This blog for me is a great reminder to remain focused on the mission Jesus gave the church.  Each time I look at it, or think of posting on it I remember Matthew 16:18 and the great commission and, even if just for a moment, I can refocus my thinking.

I had many ideas for blog posts this week... but I was always too busy to post them.  I had two different meetings with Baptist Queensland, ran a training course for KidsHope, had a deacon's meeting, was called out to help with a family situation and then sometime else have tried to find time to plan the Sunday evening service and my sermon.  I stopped and blogged this morning, a thought captured by a moment reading the news... and it made me reflect on my busy week, and how much of it was aimed towards the mission of the church.  In truth quite a bit was - but it get's lost in the hecticness. The union meetings were looking at how the church state wide could continue working wider to extend God's kingdom.  KidsHope is a great program we run in the local primary school.  But these meetings didn't 'feel' like I was working on the mission, they just felt draining.

I think if we remember the mission, and the goal of what we are setting out to do - and that it is all part of Jesus 'building his church' then it may just give us that little bit more motivation in our busy times - because we realise the mission is not forgotten, just that maybe the current connection is hard to find.

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