Thursday, 7 February 2013

Evening Sermon Series - Malachi

This Sunday night we are starting a new series at dBay Baptist. We will work our way through the book of Malachi, the final book in the Old Testament.  In Malachi God makes true observations (such as “I Have Loved You" [Mal 1:2]) and the people question Him with the inference being that they do not actually believe this is true, and it shows through their actions.

So the reality is on the surface they are the people of God, but beneath (what they really are) has nothing to do with the covenant or love that God has given to them. To bridge to today’s context we see this books as giving us, as a church, the occasion to look at the ‘non-public’ parts of our life - specifically what happens in our minds and hearts.

We may look like proper Christians on the surface, but beneath we truly don’t have very much to do with Jesus and his will at all.

Just like the picture of the iceberg above... it is what is beneath the surface that does the most damage.  We need to clean up what is beneath the surface of our lives, because even though those sitting beside us every Sunday may not see it... Jesus sure can.

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