Friday, 15 February 2013

For the Day After Valentines Day

Here's a great post I read from Don Miller this morning.  Don is the author of the very well known book "Blue Like Jazz" where he really showed his stand out and unique was of ministering the Gospel, and living a life according to the Gospel.

Not one to ever polish over the truth I really admire his point in this article .. and think it's the first decent view on single life given by someone in a long time. I often find people who talk about 'singleness' really don't have much of a clue what it's really like.  Don obviously does.

Have a look here

Today, I value my sweetheart so much more because of all the confusion and hardship I had to endure being single. I don’t talk about my romantic life much because it’s hard to read gossip about yourself on the internet. But I will say, all the hardship was worth it. She’s like me, indeed. 
 On Valentine’s Day, when the hard feelings come, just know they came to Adam. And they only ended up blessing him in the end.

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