Sunday, 8 October 2006

11:30 Race Day

9:20: Fantastic work by V8 Supercar Chaplain Garry Coleman, with a heart felt and compelling testimony to Peter Brock. Adding to the tribute 8 of Brock's 9 Bathurst Winning Cars did a slow lap of honour driven by some of Australia's touring car greats.

10:00: Race Start - gooooooooooooooooooo FORDS!!

10:00:30: Mark Skaife is out of the race. First lap, first straight! The Holden died, clutch slipping, and he was drilled from behind and axed the wall! 30 seconds of Bathurst for HRT, great start to the race.

11:30: Lots of stuff going on. Second HRT car is out, Bright in the FPR car is out, Lowndes is cruising and looking good... and best news, young Courtney in the SBR Genweld car #4 is moving through the field like a rocket. His co-driver is Glen Seaton, and it would be awesome to see him win the race.

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