Friday, 6 October 2006

Mutto drawn to Spotlight,23663,20517525-5000660,00.html
Another article on about our mate Mutto.

The Gold Coast-based bald rocker said he was enjoying his new-found stardom.

"I think fame is a privilege and it's a great opportunity to have a voice ... I think people with celebrity status should use it for good,'' he said.

"Unfortunately or fortunately the western world is a pop culture and kids are listening to those who get famous, for whatever reason they get famous for, and if celebrities can see that I think they can influence them (kids) for good.''

While the English-born youth worker and school teacher had guided many struggling teens, he said little prepared him for the stress that came with the Idol journey....

...Mutton's musical strengths were realised while supporting a friend who didn't want to sing solo at church.

His good deed got him noticed and local band, Soulframe, offered him the role as vocalist in the act.

It has been six years since he joined the band which is now a well-known rock outfit on the local Gold Coast scene.

Most reviews I've read this week have said what a great performer Mutto is, and why he was voted off Idol now is a mystery. He's also given Australia a small look at the service side of Christianity, the unselfish willingness to help Australia's youth.

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