Tuesday, 3 October 2006

Millions all from a Garage


GOOGLE has bought the Silicon Valley garage where the internet search colossus was born, the company said overnight. The garage came with a house, yard and outdoor hot tub where Google's famed founders Larry Page and Serge Brin were known to soak as the company took shape in late 1998.

Google did not disclose how much it paid for the property just a few kilometres from the
company's campus in Mountain View, California.

"We were pleased to have the opportunity to purchase the place where Larry and Serge did early work," Google spokesman Jon Murchinson said. "We bought it to preserve it as part of
our legacy.".....

It's amazing how so many of todays HUGE Technology Companies began their life in a local Silicon Valley garage. Microsoft, Apple, Yahoo, Google... the list goes on.

The article also mentions that the lady who rented Larry and Serg the garage is now a Google Vice President. I'm sure a decent pay packet comes with that position.

So any budding I.T geeks want to rent out my garage???

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