Monday, 2 October 2006


Just saw this on the idol website. Nice testimony, and free plug for Soulframe!

Luckily, Jessica gets a reprieve and her fans breathe a huge sigh of relief. But that means either Mutto or Lisa will be leaving tonight. “After months of sacrifice and dedication to the show,” James Mathison announces, “it ends tonight for you Mutto.”

It’s been a remarkable journey for the inspirational role model and charismatic rocker but his band, Soulframe, will be happy to have their front man back in action. Expect to see plenty of Mutto on the live circuit and make sure you get off your butts and go to a Soulframe gig. Mutto treats us to an encore of Dream On and the audience farewells the enigmatic performer with a
standing ovation. Rock on Mutto!


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