Friday, 6 October 2006

Deano's Fav Weekend of the Year

Bathurst 2006 is going to be the biggest ever, and with such a huge push for Ford to win this year, I'm ready for a charged weekend in front of the TV.

This year brings a whole new dynamic to my viewing. Actually being at the event in 05 means this year I've had personal experiences with what I'm seeing on TV.

Make sure you check out Sunday morning from 9:20, V8 Supercar Chaplain Garry Coleman will be doing a small rememberance service for Peter Brock, before opening the race with a prayer. Watch and support the work of the SCA Motorosports Chaplains.

I'm set with my new Bigpond account details to use my laptop to view all the live telemetry and video from
V8 Supercars Live

Bring it on - GO FORD!

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