Tuesday, 24 October 2006

Am I selling out!?

Recently I've noticed the boom over on MySpace. When talking blogging with friends I've realised most of them are on MySpace, some blogging, but most just networking and commenting on friends 'profiles'. So after much persuasion I decided to give it ago, and created my own MySpace profile. I added a couple of friends, and within a week I had heaps of people whom I never knew were MySpace nerds sending me friend requests.

It really is a powerful site for linking communities and finding old friends. For a while I was not wanting to join this 'new cool' trend, not wanting to sell out to the MySpace phenomenon, but have now decided that my profile is just a presence for me, I'll continue blogging here, because I like this set up better. My MySpace is an ad for my blog I guess. I've noticed since I've created my profile, the hits per day on this blog have doubled.

So if you want to check it out, or maybe link to some common friends (or even add me as your friend) head to

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